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Costume fee's and Competition fee's will apply for these classes per student per class. Competition fee's will be billed in January. All competitive students are required to take a ballet class and at least one other class. Normally The Dance Academy will participate in 2-3 Competitions per year March, April & May.

Team Jacket - $90 Must be ordered in September and every competitive student must have one!

* Placement for teams is made by the instructor, we reserve the right to change your child's class based on ability *

Mommy & Me
This class offers a great time to interact with your child through stretch, movements and balance. This program creates a bond with your child through music and interaction unlike anything else.

Combo Kids
A basic introduction to dance for children that will promote motor skills, creativity and strength through the action of movement. Spatial awareness, imagery, and movement skills will be taught to better prepare students to comprehend and appreciate the skill of dance.

Dancin’ Dudes
A fun experience for younger boys to get a chance to shine!  This class includes a combination of hip-hop and acro.

Tumbling Tots
This class will teach and improve your child’s balance and strength. During this class, they will learn the fundamentals of gymnastics such as limbers and cartwheels.

Ballet Level I-IIII
Technique is the basis of all dance and every company member is required to take. Class will consist on barre work, center, across the floor, comprehending vocabulary, melodic execution, and understanding correct placement and usage of one’s own body.

Jazz Level I- IIII
A combination of technique and stylistic movement. This will include warm-up, across the floor and choreography. Musicality is a major part of jazz.

A rhythmic class where your feet will learn intricate footwork while also gaining a comprehension to rhythmic sounds.

Modern/ Contemporary
This class will enhance your creative dancing. You will learn new ways of dance and how to move differently to music. An understanding of Horton and Limon technique will be taught.

Hip-hop/ Break Dancing
This is a high-energy blend of street style dance, from pop and lock to MTV style choreography.

Irish Step
This is characterized by a stiff upper body with quick and precise movements of the feet. You will learn basic steps and step choreography.

Open Arco
all levels are accepted, you will learn basic to advanced skills depending on your level.

A form of expressive dance that includes ballet technique

Inclusive Class-
a specialized class for kids who have special needs and want to dance! It is an open environment to learn and have fun.

Ballroom –Specialty class only – Must have 5 people to start this class!
The ballroom dance repertoire includes dances developed from old European folk dances such as the waltz, Latin American dances such as the tango, rumba, and cha-cha, and dances of 20th-century origin such as the foxtrot and quickstep.

NEW! Barre Workout

Ditch the workout join the Barre! A new interactive way to get in shape! A full workout at the ballet barre for all levels. No experience needed! Join the fun!

Girl’s night out!
Plan a night at the Dance Academy! Have 5 or more friends? You can have your own private class! We offer a variety of classes you can choose from. Call for more information!

Diva Hip Hop
Come take a class and learn to dance like your favorite music video.

Rythmic Acro
Acro & dance based gymnastics dance class where you get to use props like Balls, ribbons & hula hoops etc. that will be provided.

Sassy Jazz
Let your inner diva out its all about the sass! How girly can you get? Join now!

Adult Dance Program

No dance experience required. Come join our program for a fun cardio workout while learning basic dance! Bring a friend and have some fun!

learn all of your 5 senses plus more! Dance in the dark and partnering! Its not just steps its the emotion of it! Tell a story without words, thats what its all about!

Music Theater
Learn how to perform and sing at the same time! It could help your school drama performances as well!

*Our Teachers are available for gymnastic routine choreography or any other choreography needs!
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